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Here at TSA projects we believe in being the change we want to see. We provide a positive space for young people to communicate safely about potentially dangerous situations, and encourage activities to support their personal development, safety and confidence. We have an excellent team and strategy and are a few steps ahead when it comes to re-engaging the dis- engaged. 


TSA projects aims to reduce crime levels by supporting those marginalised to reach their full potential. 

Checkmate is a strategic approach which responds to both the acknowledged shortcomings within the criminal justice system and the beliefs of potential offenders. By developing a multi-dimensional code of conduct and with the involvement of key organisations and practitioners we believe we can say 'checkmate' to offending!

CHECKMATE = Centre Help Establish Character development Key-skills Motivation Assimilation Training 4 Ex-Offenders


We are not outsiders looking in at crime; TSA is led by individuals whose lives have been directly affected by it. The programs delivered by us are deeply engaging and realistic, we have found this approach is the most successful.

“But firstly, if you can understand just how toxic the revolving door to re-offending is, and can seek out those who share a new belief system, then you can break those corrosive chains.” – Tanayah Sam, Founder of TSA Projects

What We Do


Our work with young people is interesting, educational often entertaining but always productive. The key-skills we encourage are fundamental in this day and age; we provide them with the tools and knowledge to become productive and enlightened to the consequences of their actions. Our workshops are partially led by those who have extensive and often personal experiences with the issues discussed, this offers a link of trust and inspiration unmatched. TSA’s self-development programmes have been received positively in schools and community centres since 2016 and we have directly delivered to over 1976 young people in the 12 months of June 2016 to June 2017.

Prevention & Early Intervention program

Lead Your Ship (LYS) 

This program promotes prosocial life skills and raises awareness of the consequences of deviant behaviours

Triple E Motion

Emotions focused program helps to assimilate; self leadership, resilience and the dynamics of conflict

Prevention is better than Cure

1 hour motivational workshop for young people.

Young People Support Room

creates a safe space for young people to discuss issues that concerns them.

All programs are developed to assist in character building, identity, goal settings and motivation

Multisports approach

engaging young people through sports such as cricket, basketball 

Delivered in schools and in the community.

We also provide training to practitioners and over the 12 months of June 2016 to June 2017 we delivered to 917 practitioners across England and Wales.

Prevention & Early Intervention program

CPD training

on gang labelled offending, youth violence and extremism.

Professional Training Space 

available for members to conduct workshops.


on gang labelled offending and youth violence to service providers.

Advocacy for service user 

involvement around gangs, youth violence & extremism.

Half days and full days training offered

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